If you're not happy with your current tub or shower, then a walk-in shower might seem like an attractive alternative. The style is modern and spacious, and there are no high tub walls to climb over.

Although these are great benefits, a walk-in shower isn't for everyone. How do you know if this is the best bathroom remodeling solution for you? If the following statements apply to you, then go for it!

You don't plan to sell your home in the near future.

Selling a home can be difficult and a quality bathroom remodel might make a world of difference when competing against other homes in your area. However, if your main reason for remodeling is market appeal, then a walk-in shower might not be the best choice.

Buyers want a bathroom that's functional for the entire family, so you don't want to throw out that tub just yet. Sometimes a walk-in shower can boost the beauty and value of your home but avoid a conversion if your home only has one bathtub.

You aren't converting your only tub to a shower.

Even if you plan to retire in your home, switching your only tub to a walk-in shower can be risky. What if small children enter your life? Bathing them will be exceedingly difficult without a bathtub. You also want to consider the comfort of your guests.

In any case, converting your only tub to a walk-in shower isn't always a bad idea. Just take some time to think it through. Just in case.

Aging in place is priority for you or a loved one.

Although barrier-free showers aren't just for the aging, they are one of the most practical remodeling choices for those with limited mobility. Slip and fall related injuries can be catastrophic, and bathrooms are one of the most common areas for these unfortunate accidents.

If you plan to age independently, or if you anticipate caring for an aging loved on in the future, ridding yourself of a slippery and high-walled bath is a smart choice.

Additional Things to Consider

If you think a walk-in shower is the right fit for your bathroom, then all you have to do now is work out some of the minor details. Here are some simple yet important features to consider:

  • Shower doors: Do you want hinged doors, sliding, doors, or no doors at all? This largely depends on the layout of your bathroom. You might lack adequate space for a hinged door, for example. Another factor is privacy and comfort. Open showers can leave you feeling exposed and drafty, but they are easier to use with a wheelchair.
  • Shower base: Do you want a low profile or curbed shower base? Low profile bases are best for wheelchair accessibility and sleek design, but the drain needs to be maintained carefully to prevent overflow.
  • Accessories: If showering safety is priority, consider built in seating and shower bars as part of your remodel. In any case, consider shelving, adjustable shower heads, and convenient towel rack placement.

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